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Word that means intimidating

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Often, the older or less common words for a certain concept sound cooler than the everyday word. In the context of knives, it sounds darker and less fantasy-based. Rampant confusion and disarray. Whatever the case, you don't just need a word, you need an epic word. Figuratively, storms signify an unstoppable force. Has a nice combination of sounds and a neat-looking spelling. It may sound lazy, but think about it. My Top 45 Best Words and counting! Fire is powerful, destructive, and painful. What's a plain old storm compared to a vortex of flames?

Word that means intimidating

How to Use These Words Sometimes you like the meaning of a name but not the sound, or you want a more striking name. While they couldn't exactly pack a boxed lunch for their escape, they could pack something even more nourishing that -- best of all! Therefore, the parts of a korova that were eaten were only those that could be consumed raw like the kidneys , and washed down with a generous swig of warm blood from his gouting arteries. There aren't many mental images quite like a dragon. There are several ways of playing with them. The Kirby series uses it as a weapon name for Galaxia and a title for Galacta Knight. Sounds good when following another word e. DC Comics gives us Deathstroke. For example, you want to use the word "galaxy," but on its own it's too basic. Can be paired with any other word for different effects. A stone chamber, usually a tomb. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Resourceful inmates soon had a splendid solution for this, however. Represents goodness and purity. Might bring to mind images of a plasma globe. An ionized state of matter. Same thing as "jade," but with a different rhythm. The word "oath" does not bring to mind someone joking around. Storms are dangerous and uncontrollable. It has connotations of strength, focusing more on impenetrability and invincibility than offensive power. Brings to mind atomic energy or the atomic bomb, plus gets a free pass for sounding sci-fi. Also has the advantage of not sounding like a swear even though it means the same thing. Sounds good on its own, but can be used before another word Shadowflame, Shadowstorm, etc. This word could signify a fall from power or any other fall, like embracing one's dark side. Ashes make us think of death or time passing, especially remnants of something that has faded. Scars are popular in fiction. It's the common link between armor and blade.

Word that means intimidating

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