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When is the sims freeplay next update

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Snuggle up and gaze at the stars - and your true loves eyes - in a hammock built for two. Each monument has its own special power and can be upgraded to the Level Decorate your home to get into the festive spirit for Christmas! Take memorable snaps in the Photo Booth. They would earn these by a new hobby, woodworking. Sims could now buy cats for their houses. Learn scare tactics in the Night of the Candy Monsters Quest! It also re-introduced some of the limited edition objects from the previous holiday update. Halloween Update Have a ghostly good time this Halloween! Uncover the magic hidden within as part of the Saved By the Spell Quest. Be transported to a uniquely magical place where you can swing on flowers, bounce on spider webs and feed cute ladybugs! Lovey-Dovey Balcony quest and step out onto stylish balconies. A nightclub which Sims can visit, buy drinks, dance, bartend and DJ.

When is the sims freeplay next update

Moving Up Update Players could now add second and third stories to their houses. You can teach your Sims magic spells by doing the Spells Quest, and after October 31, after you complete the Spells Quest, you can soar to the skies with the Broomstick Flying Hobby. Halloween Update Beware! Toddlers could interact with pets. However, to obtain all of these things the player must reach level New pre-made houses could be bought such as the Skater's Pad and the Japanese Retreat. Get into the holiday spirit and: It also re-introduced some of the limited edition objects from the previous holiday update. Ascend to the throne room to issue decrees! Set the scene with a smoke machine, DJ deck, loveseats and more Light up the night with dancefloors, disco balls and smooth dance moves Plus, keep your teen Sims entertained with the Teen Life and Prom Hobby Events that unlock teen bedroom items and prom outfits. Babies are crying out to be carried, bounced, fed, and much more! Give your Sims a fresh look with original clothing items available for all players -- it's free fashion! Enjoy an update full of spooky fun, where you can: Teen Update The Teen Update, released on October 5, , allows you to bake another birthday cake in order to grow a preteen into a teen. Finish the DIY Homes: Only those who are chivalrous, valiant, and honorable can lift the curse upon it and become the king or queen. Take your new crush on a first date to the Burger Bar and order a milkshake for two - unlocked when you complete the Sunset Mall Quest Kick into healthy habits with the new Juice bar, and slurp up a tasty refreshing juice with you and your friends - master every move in the Bowling Hobby to unlock it! Marriage and Babies Update This update introduced the ability for Sims to propose, get married, "Woohoo" i. Santa's workshop Christmas goal prizes included in goals The Mall Update Shop until you drop with the grand opening of the Sunset Mall! Hang up lanterns, and cheer on the lion dancers in the Lunar New year Quest - coming Feb 15 The Castle Update A magnificent castle has appeared shrouded in mystery! Dazzle onlookers with jewel-studded crowns, gorgeous flowing gowns, and commanding royal attire! Lower the drawbridge and open the gate to the majestic Northern Glade Castle! Craft cool creations with the Ice Sculpture Hobby. Sketch your sweetheart with the oh-so-romantic Lovers Portrait Painting Crush on French-style furniture and decorations, including a scene-setting fireplace, chaise lounge and the ultimate prize -- a French Chateau! Play the Ghost Flustered Seasonal Quest and unlock quirky body paints and sleepwear for all ages Dress up in the body paint to summon and scare away cheeky ghosts who each have unique animations Trick or treat and unlock costumes like Frankenstein, Pumpkin Head, and more when you complete the Halloween Chocolatier Hobby Event Plus, take part in another Aerobics Hobby Event for brand new activewear!

When is the sims freeplay next update

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