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Updating data using dataadapter

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This process gives you very fine control over the update to your data as well as an opportunity to fix any data that would otherwise cause an error. That is, the process of updating the dataset does not also write the changes through to an underlying data source; you must explicitly perform this second step. The value of the RowState property for the other row remains Unchanged. RowState property for that row changes from Unchanged to Modified. On each row you can examine the RowError property for specific information about the error, which you can then resolve. Net Framework click here. The code is as simple as possible, which means eliminating many of the error-checking and exception-handling routines you might expect in a production program. If you are updating a data source such as a database , the second step is to send the changes from the dataset to the original data source. The DataSet represents a subset of the entire database, cached on your machine without a continuous connection to the database. By defaulting to 1, it is set to open a connection, send one statement, and then close the connection. When using Update, the order of execution is as follows:

Updating data using dataadapter

NET data provider's Parameter class. In addition, it contains constraints and relationships defined for the dataset. This is, not surprisingly, what ADO. For any given order, there will be exactly one customer, but any given customer might be represented in any number of orders. You may also respond to errors on a per-row basis within the RowUpdated event of a DataAdapter. The DataTable has a number of public properties, including the Columns collection, which returns the DataColumnCollection object, which in turn consists of DataColumn objects. Merge the second Data Set with the first. Aside from implementing the default behavior of the base class in a Microsoft SQL Server—specific manner, it also offers a property called BatchUpdateSize. Data Adapter The DataSet is an abstraction of a relational database. If the table has errors, invoke the GetErrors method of the DataTable and get back an array of DataRow objects with errors. After modifying data in the datatable, the updates can be sent back to the database simply by calling the Update statement on the DataAdapter. Using the VideoGameStoreDataSet, as shown in Figure , you can write the following code to use a table adapter to send updates to the database: For the first row, the method transmits no SQL statement to the database, because that row has not changed since it was originally fetched from the database. The structure of a dataset is similar to that of a relational database; it exposes a hierarchical object model of tables, rows, and columns. SourceColumn refers to the unmapped column name before any table mappings have been applied. The DataSet represents a subset of the entire database, cached on your machine without a continuous connection to the database. Often these objects are implicitly created when you create your DataSet, but you can explicitly access these objects. Any additional rows returned are ignored. These text fields represent eight of the fields in the Customers table in the Northwind database. Right now, we have only one: Each DataRelation represents a relationship between two tables through DataColumn objects. The values in the DataRow are moved to the parameter values. RowState property for that row changes from Unchanged to Modified. Most commonly, you do this by calling the Update method of a data adapter. With 10, round trips to the server running SQL Server, performance would be poor. Each DataColumn object represents a column in a table. This connection can be shared among different command objects.

Updating data using dataadapter

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