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Teisco serial number dating

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It's helpful to know that Teisco exported to both the United States and the United Kingdom under different brand names. All were double cutaways, but gone were any traces of the single cuts of yore. This is especially true for guitars. The easiest way to search for Teisco guitars on eBay is to search by the brand and type of guitar you are interested in, followed by the year it was manufactured, if this is an important selling point. Ironically Kawai, the owners of Teisco at this point, also produced guitars under their own name and a few designs borrowed heavily from Teisco. Pickguards were the new striped metal affairs introduced the year before, extending from above the strings down through the lower bout control area. Still available was the Harp-8, an 8-string console with two pickups and some sort of electronics controlled by four floor pedals. This still had the old, elongated Strat head. No other details are known about these amps. The controls were front-mounted. Along side the Vegas 40 in the Japanese catalog but not the Teisco Del Rey was the Vegas 66, presumably named for the year. The TRG-1 was a slightly more asymmetrical variant of the WG body style, with offset double cutaways and offset waists. Tremolo Not all Teisco guitars came with a tremolo, but they can be fitted with one. Atswo Kaneko and Mr. As previously mentioned, the two styles were the Les Paul and the Fender guitar designs.

Teisco serial number dating

In , probably later in the season, most of the Teisco solidbody line acquired a new hooked Strat-style headstock with four-and-two tuners on the guitars and three-and-one on the basses. These were the same as TB but without the "monkey grip" handle. I found out eventually! Finally, Teisco also began marketing two portable electric organs and two electric console organs at this time. Throughout the years, the manufacturer went through many changes including different company names and logos and even complete changes in how they named their guitars. This had a slothead variation of the check mark head, with tuners facing alternatively out or back. Around this time some models were also badged in the UK as 'Kay' and 'Audition'. The amp operated on two 9-volt batteries installed in back. Another new headstock style was introduced - this time the classic and my favourite Teisco four-and-two headstock three-and-one on basses. The Miny had the italicized T logo on the front. The company changes its name to 'Teisco String Instrument Corporation'. J-5 changes to the now more popular Fender style. Specifications for these combos were as follows: A large multi-laminated pickguard stretched from the upper horn down to the lower bout control extension. The easy solution here is to use a touch-up marker. This had the little hook at the throat like a Strat, and a larger hook on the tip, almost like a Woody Woodpecker plume. There may be some instances where the Teisco has the 3rd bridge but may not necessarily be listed as having one. They had round edges and looked a bit like '50s TVs. The first digit in the number was for the number of pickups. Hollowbodies retained the original EP- prefix and either single or double-digit suffix. This had the old center-humped three-and-three head no open-book dip , and the rectangular edge inlays. These are the solid body , hollow body, and bass guitars. It was very near the classic Strat shape, with offset double cutaways and Strat-like contours, but the horns were more pointed. Ironically Kawai, the owners of Teisco at this point, also produced guitars under their own name and a few designs borrowed heavily from Teisco. For the most part, Teisco guitars will be advertised as having this 3rd bridge.

Teisco serial number dating

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