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Sexually pleasing a woman

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One of the best ways to show a woman that you love and appreciate her is to organize special dates with her. An interesting piece of research conducted by SA Miller and ES Byers and reported in the Journal of Sexual Relationships, , demonstrated that the expectations of lovemaking between men and women can be quite different. Here are six tips to help ease the pressure the first time you take things into the bedroom together: Send sexy texts, role-play, or write erotic poems. It also makes sex feel better each time you have it. That will certainly please your woman. Take her hand and slide just where you want it. Be adventurous, break out of the routine — there are different types of sex and so many different things you can try together in the bedroom. The Power of Orgasm Orgasms release oxytocin in the bloodstream, which is a feel-good hormone, and a bonding hormone. When it comes to sex, women require time, intimacy and attention to detail. When you have an orgasm, the oxytocin which floods your brain makes you feel love and trust for your partner more strongly! How fast or slow you turn the dial is very important. Is it just a matter of sexual pleasure, feeling good, and enjoying the satisfaction that orgasms can bring us? Remember the coital alignment technique is a great way to ensure orgasm during intercourse…. Men may stop acting romantically. Neither of these things needs to happen.

Sexually pleasing a woman

Remember, if you expect her to follow your lead, you need to be confident. In other words, she wants you to take the lead! Sex starts with romance, and it ends with romance, in the form of cuddling — because after orgasm partners feel the need to connect. Having great sex has a lot more to do with your attitude and motivation than it does with skills or with what you are doing sexually. Remember how much time you spent seducing her, wooing her, charming her, and buying her flowers? Talk dirty to her! It can also come from shifting positions and incorporating different moves. For example, the figure of eight with your hips — just ask your partner what feels good, and keep doing it. Take your time over foreplay and learn what works for your partner. Click on the link below to see a video which shows you how easy and simple this is. Make her pleasure your priority. Although much of these ideas are unfortunately engrained into our culture — it is important everyone, male or female, understand that there is no normal when it comes to having sex! And she hates that! This is the kind of thing which keeps a relationship going long term. Have any other sexual health issues, questions or concerns? Also, it was clear that women significantly underestimate the amount of time men want for both foreplay and intercourse. You can blame movies and super-models for any inhibitions we have. Learn to apply them to improve your sex life and help you become the amazing lover you want to be! I always recommend that couples try mutual masturbation to gain insight on ways your partner pleasures their own body and then introduce new ways to explore each other in the bedroom. Is she having multiple, earth-shattering, full body orgasms… without you even touching her? Also changing up your style of masturbation by adding lubrication, trying new sensations or using your non-dominate hand can help improve erectile response and control. Send sexy texts, role-play, or write erotic poems. And what made sex important was that it provided an experience of intimacy, bonding, and sexual pleasureknew how to please a woman in bed. Surely as a man a man with the ability to fix things! Tease her to please her. My idea of great sex is probably not your idea of great sex! Allow the penis to be a part of it, but not the main focus!

Sexually pleasing a woman

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