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Ricoh updating destination list failed

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Exceeded max number of alphanumeric characters The maximum enterable number of alphanumeric charterers has been exceeded. Table Select the title to be shown on the destination list. Place the original correctly. C Enter part of the comment. The destination computer name or folder name is invalid. Cannot write on the memory storage device because remaining free space is insufficient. Just one more thing to note. General Settings Guide - Page Connection with the LDAP server has failed. Specify the destination or sender's name again. The scan profile might be incorrectly configured. Cannot start scanning because communication was failed. Exceeded max data capacity.

Ricoh updating destination list failed

Captured file exceeded max number of pages per file. You have entered an incorrect user code. Scan profile is not set on the client computer. Other than that I'm not sure why this would occur. Check the settings on the PC. Problem The network delivery function cannot be used. Maybe a left over from the previous network configuration? The take no action setting has been selected on the client computer, forcing the client computer to remain inactive when it receives scan data. And I'm not sure what the update destination list is mean to do. A Press [Search Dest. This section explains how to specify delivery destinations. Keys that the network delivery scanner screen is highlighted like [ ]. I will see if I can find information from Ricoh. Cannot communicate with PC. Even if the memory device appears to have sufficient free space, data might not be saved if the maximum number of files that can be saved is exceeded. You can enter a path using up to [Bindery], a list of the context including the volume is "context", the volume name Lift the ADF by more than 30 degrees. A password of or more characters may not be recognized. Cannot send the scanned data. Just one more thing to note. Feb 26, 8: If I knew more about what this setting was meant to achieve then I may be able to answer better. The maximum number of specifiable alphanumeric charterers in a path has been exceeded. An antivirus program or a firewall is preventing the machine connecting to your computer. G Select the destination.

Ricoh updating destination list failed

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