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First time sex advice men

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And "feeling good" should last past the sex itself - you should not feel anxious afterwards about getting her pregnant or catching some horrible disease, so planning ahead about contraception and safe sex is part of the idea. Here's a fun fact about virginity that you probably didn't know: Watch her face Is she enjoying herself? You might wonder if you will do it right. What is she worried about? Where you have sex is probably a more important decision. A bed is probably the best thing to make love in, still. Will you be able to please your partner? Drop Your Expectations The more you build it up in your mind, the less likely it will be amazing. What will your body feel like afterward?

First time sex advice men

You don't want to throw everything at someone too quickly because that can be very overwhelming for someone new. What Real Guys Say "The first time my penis penetrated a vagina, it felt unlike anything I had ever felt before in my entire life—to an incomparable degree," says Ray, Or, on the other hand: Avoid eating a heavy meal, since that'll just make you sleepy. No matter how long ago it happened, every guy on the planet can tell you the vivid details about how they lost their virginity. That's natural - you're nervous. This is as much a learning experience as a loving one. Pay attention to every part of her body, not just the mysterious sexual parts Her entire body is an erogenous zone, so now is the time to touch and kiss every inch of her. Gets on top of me and says, 'What do you want to do? It is just as important as the actual intercourse — and for some people, it is far more important. Instead of trying to finagle both your bodies into difficult positions, sexologist Dr. I know, it sucks. If he has a partner who is willing to be on top, this can be a more passive position and allow them to let someone else take control. If you're about to have sex, you've probably had your hands all over each other before now. What will your body feel like afterward? Get to know each other's bodies. A few Hodder recommends kicking things off with: Should I tell her if I'm a virgin? Will you be able to please your partner? Some women do not orgasm during intercourse, and even if your girlfriend is capable of climax, the odds are very much against you coming at the same time. Am I big enough? Many girls are far more sensitive on the outside read: Take a shower together! Another common concern is size. Having sex for the first time certainly differs from country to country mostly as a result of cultural or religious value systems more so than simple geography. Should we eat or drink anything before sex? But remember that sex improves over time, as you become more comfortable with each other.

First time sex advice men

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