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Dating a schizophrenic male

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In situations where the ice has broken and they know, though, it quickly devolves from a date to a several-hour-long explanation of all of their anxieties and drug problems and psychological history simply because they trust me with the information. Schizophrenia affects these universal issues, but you can deal with them: It is common for partners of those suffering from serious mental disorders to become co-dependent and sink into depression or an unhealthy relationship. He was the first man I have ever introduced to my parents, and my family thought that he was a charmer. Please be inclusive with question phrasing. No linking to specific threads in other forums. He continued to tell me that he heard voices, that sometimes he would see me talking but hear a completely different voice cursing him, judging him. Be informed At the same time however, there are many people with schizophrenia who are leading rewarding and meaningful lives in their communities. I knew what it meant. Counseling can help partners learn how to make expectations clear in a supportive and positive way. What I lack in culinary expertise and concentration I more than make up for in a caring nature and sensitivity.

Dating a schizophrenic male

We have flair for men, women, trans folks, and gender neutral people. After all, everyone has anxieties, everyone has insecurities, everyone has a little paranoia from time to time so, to a degree, everyone can kind of relate. People with schizophrenia are not always able to return to work, even after their symptoms are stabilized. There were times he would tell me my friends were talking shit about him. When exactly do you tell someone that you have schizophrenia? More From Thought Catalog. They may believe other people are reading their minds, controlling their thoughts, or plotting to harm them. He focuses on himself and so do I. A prince charming, a house, independence, no rules, just love… just love. Those times when he would tell me his bad experiences over and over, or those times when he hears those voices cursing him and attacking him verbally over and over, all those times were not as hard to me as they were to him. The well partner must create a support system. Above all, remember that even if you have managed to avoid this argument and the delusion has passed, there are sure to be more in the future and you need to take things as they come. I knew what it meant. Now we are broken up. In situations where the ice has broken and they know, though, it quickly devolves from a date to a several-hour-long explanation of all of their anxieties and drug problems and psychological history simply because they trust me with the information. He held my hand in front of my friends and he told me he loves me in any chance he gets. Because if I did I would be an addition to those voices telling him every word that no human being deserves to hear. Schizophrenia can change behavior and personality; symptoms make caring and loving individuals appear distant and cold. I have been symptomatically stable for years. Post titles must be a descriptive, in depth question and searchable using keywords, or will be removed. Specialized Dating by kalyani10 Though only an estimated one percent of the American population suffers from schizophrenia1, it can be a terrifying experience, both for those suffering from it as well as for their friends and families. And how much I wanted to be no one but the better person that I can be for the future love that will come my way. Untreated schizophrenia can make people behave erratically. Then again Intimacy is affected by both the disease and the drugs used to treat it. Let your doctors know about your financial situation as well; some clinics charge on a sliding scale. Most of the time, it was a challenge, most of the time it was a sacrifice. Downvote only to indicate that either a comment or post does not add to discussion; not to indicate disagreement.

Dating a schizophrenic male

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