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Consolidating multiple service desks

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You need to keep track of multiple users including passwords , always be aware of which JIRA Service Desk you are currently working in, remember where to find certain tasks, and continuously switch back between JIRA Service Desk instances. Dec 14 27 mins Jarod Greene, VP of Service Management Strategy As enterprise-wide business processes become increasingly digitized, IT has an opportunity to play a critical role in enabling line-of-business functions outside IT. Join this panel of ITSM experts, and learn how the rise of artificial intelligence, along with a rapidly changing workforce demographic, will change IT service delivery as we know it. If the Service Desk is achieving a low cost per contact by transferring and escalating contacts to other support levels — Level 2, Level 3, Desktop Support, Vendor Support, etc. At the same time, workforce demands for instantaneous and seamless self-service—as well as a single platform for request fulfillment—turn this opportunity into a mandate. But are Enterprise IT functions having nightmares with certain perennial concerns? While this theme is frequently heard in IT executive planning circles, IT managers often bypass, overlook, or undermine this topic either intentionally or unintentionally by focusing on technology issues rather than business issues. But none of these realities come to fruition without the foundation you can build today. I've arranged the guide in a logical manner starting with strategic management and following with other key management subjects dealing with customers, processes, suppliers, and other topics. May 22 32 mins Doug Tedder, Principal, Tedder Consulting Service catalogs are one of those service desk terms we've all heard of, but some of us do not have the time, resources, or a clear idea of how to create and manage an effective one. As an active volunteer within the ITSM community, Doug is a frequent presenter at industry user group meetings, webinars, and conventions. Well, I think so. This method works perfectly most of the time our support agents will testify to that.

Consolidating multiple service desks

With a little bit of thought and planning, the service catalog can become one of the most valuable artifacts of your entire ITSM implementation. I realize that team leads and supervisors in many corporations may not be directly involved in these activities. I'll provide additional sections in future updates to this guide on such topics as proven techniques to instigate realistic budgeting practices, an overview of how to implement and enforce necessary policies and procedures in support of strategic management, and a discussion of how to stay current with the ever-changing landscape of legal and privacy issues. While this theme is frequently heard in IT executive planning circles, IT managers often bypass, overlook, or undermine this topic either intentionally or unintentionally by focusing on technology issues rather than business issues. I'll respond to these submissions as quickly as possible, usually within 48 hours. Would you would like to see a product demonstration? Join us to hear how this powerful technique for resolving issues as close to the end user as possible enables you to: One of the challenges in presenting material designed for such a wide variety of audiences is gearing it to a degree that's not too detailed for seasoned executives, and not too high-level for entry-level team leads. Stay in the loop with the K15t Newsletter These posts might also interest you: For example, strategic management by its nature discusses items at a higher level, while infrastructure processes are handled at a more detailed level. I begin this section with a discussion of a primary responsibility of strategic management: What's more, Backbone's powerful synchronization options let you assign tags to synchronized tickets, letting support agents filter and sort them into queues with ease. Even comments are synchronized: Built on a modern, metadata architecture, the Cherwell platform enables IT teams to rapidly build, configure or merge new ITSM or business functionality—without touching a single line of code or living in fear of the next upgrade. I hope you enjoy this guide and find it beneficial to whatever position you hold, and in whatever type of IT environment you work. As an active volunteer within the ITSM community, Doug is a frequent presenter at industry user group meetings, webinars, and conventions. With this goal in mind, I tried to align most topics with the level of expected audiences. So the cost and Quality are the two key things which need to be measured on on-going basis. These sections include numerous examples of these types of statements currently in use by well-known American companies. The purpose of this guide is to serve as a source of current, meaningful information covering the entire spectrum of IT management. With the advent of Lean, Agile, and DevOps practices focusing on creating faster velocity and speed to market, organizations have been evaluating their end-to-end value systems and looking for ways to increase speed and identify opportunities for automation. Natural Language Processing will change the way IT organizations handle incidents, changes and requests. The final three segments present the purpose and benefits of mission statements, vision statements, and corporate values, and provide proven processes for developing these strategic guideposts. We call it Backbone Issue Sync 3. I expect to add or modify at least one new topic every week. Machine Learning will take knowledge management to a new level. Service Improvement is the goal of a GSD and it ensures that the IT operations are focussed towards achieving business objectives.

Consolidating multiple service desks

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